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The Delta Literacy Project

Olivia Amos, Executive Director

Contact:  Charlotte Johnston, 773-288-1711

The Delta Literacy Project provides adults with one-on-one-tutoring in math and reading.  Last season, tutors worked with 63 students.  The program runs from September through June on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.  Tutors meet with students at the Washington Park Field House and other locations.  When work is completed, they will move to expanded space at their permanent location, 4525 S. King Drive.

President Nancy Baum attends the Delta Sigma Theta Closing Banquet Ceremony on Sunday June 25,2017 at the D'Estee Center at 4519 S. King Drive. The director of the program, Olivia Amos, presided over the program. Students of the center received certificates and medals for their achievements in reading and math. Their tutors were honored as well, including Service League member Rosalie Guttman. Mrs. Bowles, in the first picture is being honored for her nineteen-year service as a volunteer. Nancy discovered a service League member, Badonna Reingold, advocate for people with learning difficulties, pictured below with  student and fellow board member. A good time was had by all. Delta Sigma Theta is a national organization that sponsors various projects among which is promoting Literacy.

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