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Music Group

Music Group

Chair:  Kathy Huff

An Evening with the Sounds Good! Choir
"Songs of Peace and Justice"

  1. Woke Up this Morning (arr. Brewer/Miller)

  2. Turn!  Turn!  Turn!  (arr. Roger Emerson)

  3. How Lovely Are the Messengers (Felix Mendelssohn, arr. Russell Robinson)

  4. Hevenu Shalom Aleichem (Hebrew folksong, arr. David Eddleman)

  5. Lean on Me / We Shall Overcome (arr. Mark Hayes)

Hosted by Jonathan Miller, Co-Founder and Artistic Director.  The choir's conducting staff will discuss the music and provide inside peeks at the process of creating this volunteer virtual choir.  Audience Q&A session with Jonathan Miller.​​

via Zoom:
Meeting ID:  832 4558 1127

Passcode:  402714
One tap mobile:  1(312)626-6799 83245581127

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