Service League Board and Committees

Mary Allan
2007 Board Meeting
May Luncheon
Board Meeting
Board Meeting

Officers and Executive Committee, 2019 - 2020


Lesley Bloch & Roberta Bernstein

First Vice-Presidents

(Program Chair)

Second Vice-Presidents

(Membership Chair)

Nadine Foster & Sherry Glick

Third Vice-President


Judith Wright

Recording Secretary

Sarah Diwan & Margaret Huyck

Corresponding Secretary

(Newsletter & Calendar)

Carol Johnson & Sarah Wright

Associate Corresponding Secretary


Raiselle Resnick


Clairan Ferrono

Associate Treasurer

Ginny Meeker

Website Manager

Theodora Shih

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2016 Board Meeting

Marilyn Helmholz, Marie Schilling and Barbara Wagner at a Board Meeting

Agnes Zellner, Delores Coruthers, Bonnie Umeh, Dianne Luhmann and Marion Krentz at 2007 Board Meeting

Committee and Project Chairs


Robin Charleston & Debbie Franczek


Nadine Foster & Sherry Glick


Judith Wright


Laura Kracke & Margaretha Talerman

History and Archives

Barbara Wagner


Dorothy Patton & Judith Wright


Jan O'Malley

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Community Service Organization Representatives

Chicago Commons

Caroline Harney

Delta Literacy

Charlotte Johnston

Hyde Park-Kenwood Hunger Programs

Agnes Zellner

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club

Julie Spielberger

Southside Center of Hope

Pat Benett & Sarah Wright

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Special Interest Group Chairs

Contemporary Civics


Dottie Jeffries


Twice Read Books

Marie Schilling & Margaret Fyfe

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Special Resources


The Computer Group meets at the Computer Resource Center in the Hyde Park Bank Building

Physical Activities

The Walking Group meets every Tuesday, weather allowing.  Service League members also can enjoy reduced rate Qi Gong classes at East Point Associates in the Hyde Park Bank Building

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